Happy Career Formula with Jette Stubbs helps you find what you love to do and grab the attention of employers and clients, whether you want a job, freelance service or business. When Jette Stubbs started she had 90 days to find a job or leave the country. She had a ton of skills, but no idea how to sell herself with confidence. After life through her major curveballs, she realized two things: Making money can’t stop when life goes wrong and she didn’t want just any job - she wanted a happy career. She started a business and has helped people in 40+ industries in multiple countries. The principles for finding what you love to do and learning how to sell yourself are the same, whether you want a job, freelance service or business. Expand your career options: find your passion and turn it into a way to make money with option to avoid or leave a boring 9-to-5. No more imposter syndrome, toxic work environments, and conflicting one-size-fits-all career advice or business advice.Happy Career Formula helps new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and recent graduates to discover how to choose a career by aligning your interests into a job, freelance service or business, so you can live life on your own terms. Whether you're focused on the job search or learning how to start a business online, you'll learn how to use an entrepreneurial spirit as you learn how to make money.

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