Your New Life Blend

Shoshanna Hecht

Has there ever been a better time to decide what our lives should look like? We are emerging from a once-in-a-century cataclysm where our lives were upended, our communities remade and our priorities readjusted. Now as the call to return to "normal" grows more insistent, we get to ask the question: what does "normal" look like? Did the old normal serve me? What do I want my new normal to be? And what will that mean for my career, my community, and my family? These are the fundamental questions to building our lives - and now, rebuilding them. As a therapist and coach, Shoshanna Hecht has been wrestling with these very questions in her practice - and now, on this podcast. With guests from all walks of life including media, culture, politics, tech, business & activism, Shoshanna examines the overlap of our goals, relationships, boundaries and priorities, and how we can navigate them all with self-awareness and intention. What do we want our lives to look like? Welcome to Your New Life Blend.

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