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Jeannette Bridoux - Spiritual Growth Mentor for Christian Women

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your relationship with God? Are you wondering if you’re really hearing His voice? Do you want a deeper, more intimate connection with Jesus? Are you ready for real unfiltered advice about what it looks like to walk with God from other Christian women? Girl, you’re in the right place. In this podcast, you’ll be encouraged by expert guests who keep it real, learn scripture-based truths on who God has called you to be, and gain tips and advice on how to walk in your identity in Christ. I’m your host, Jeannette Bridoux, Daughter of the Most High King, Christian Identity Mentor, & Faith Activation Coach. After years of living in fear, self-doubt, and insecurity questioning my worth and value, and seeking it through the world - I felt empty. I was allowing my circumstances to determine my emotions and view of myself. Tired of constantly moving with the ups and downs of life, I reached the end of myself and turned to God. When I surrendered to God’s love and plan for my life, everything changed! I stopped caring about what others thought and started looking to God for my validation. My depression and anxiety were replaced with joy. The feelings of loneliness and wondering if I was enough turned into an overwhelm of peace knowing that I was loved by Him. God filled every empty space that I had tried to fill with things of the world. As my relationship with God grew, I discovered my true identity in Christ according to the Bible and found true freedom to be who He called me to be! Three years later, by God’s grace, I host this amazing podcast & mentor Christian women to help them deepen their relationship with God and walk confidently in their Kingdom identity and calling - and have a lot of fun doing it. Walking with Jesus is an adventure, let’s go on it together! If you are ready to go deeper in your relationship with God and live secure in your identity in Christ - you’re right where you need to be. Get ready to grow in your relationship with God and walk in your Kingdom Identity to fulfill the purpose and plan He has for your life. Grab your latte and your journal, because it’s time to dive in! Support this podcast:

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