The Make A Baby Podcast

Carolina Sotomayor

Welcome to the Make A Baby Podcast, where we provide hope and healing for women struggling with fertility and infertility. As your podcast host and expert Reiki Womb Healer, Carolina Sotomayor has helped over 95 babies come into this world using the power of Reiki. Now, she's here to share her knowledge and empower women to take control of their fertility journey.On this podcast, you'll hear inspiring stories from women who have successfully conceived with the help of Reiki, as well as taboo topics surrounding fertility, inclusivity, and representation. Carolina will guide you through powerful Reiki meditations and provide actionable healing tips to help you on your journey to conceiving.If you're tired of feeling frustrated and exhausted with no control over your fertility, then this podcast is for you. Carolina believes that healing is not meant to be done alone and wants to support you every step of the way. Join us each week to learn how Reiki can help you conceive and make your dreams of starting a family a reality.Don't let the overwhelming and confusing journey to starting a family keep you from taking action. Tune in to the Make A Baby Podcast and take control of your fertility journey with the power of Reiki.

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