The Healthy Me Reset

Emily VinZant, MD

Welcome to The Healthy Me Reset, a podcast dedicated to women searching for spiritual, mental, and physical health in our modern world. Hosted by Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and certified Life & Weight Loss Coach Emily VinZant, M.D., each episode teaches you how to gain control of the unhealthy habits in your life, create space to live with passion and God's purpose for you, and balance YOU to get healthy in the process. This podcast is essential for anyone looking to go from minimizing disease (hello, meds, supplements, and challenges) to creating health. If you find yourself asking... * Why am I so exhausted all the time? * Why am I stressed out every day of my life? * How can I get healthy without being overwhelmed by adding to an already endless schedule? * Will I ever stop being bloated, swollen, hormonal, and losing my hair? (Bonus if you've said: why won't my Doctor just let me try thyroid medicine to see if it helps?) * Am I ever going to learn to quiet my brain at night so I can actually sleep? * Why are there so many health answers that don't work for me? * How can I find my path to passion and purpose in my life? * What am I missing here? ... then you won't want to miss an episode of the podcast! Join me in The Fasting Flock, my FREE fasting Facebook group, or head to to learn more about working with me. I'm on social a bit too (but don't tell them this is my much preferred space)... Instagram: dremilyvinzant Facebook: Emily VinZant, MD

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