Awakening Wild | Intentional Living & Guided Meditations

Dana Wisniewski

Does anyone else ever stop and wonder, "What the F*CK are we all doing here on this crazy-ass planet? Seriously, what's the point of ALL OF THIS?" while sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru while their kids fight over Pokemon cards in the backseat? I've pondered various forms of this question for as long as I can remember. It's lead me to accumulate random knowledge from different parts of the world, different wisdom traditions. It's also lead to even MORE QUESTIONS. The one thing I know for sure - getting comfortable with paradox is key. And no one has it all figured out. So, relax, nothing is in control. In this podcast, I'll share thoughts on life through the lens of mindfulness as well as strategies to question your critical thoughts (imposter syndrome, anyone?), beat burnout and overcome overwhelm. (These are all things I'm actively working on in my own life.) I approach this podcast not as an expert, but as a companion walking next to you during this wild ride. I'll point out the absurdity of this life. And also the beauty. I'll also guide you through meditations that move beyond relaxation and into deeply connect with your Intuition.

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