The Breakthrough Hiring Show: Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Conversations

James Mackey: Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Hiring, SaaS, Tech, Startups, growth-stage, RPO, James Mackey, Diversity and Inclusion, HR, Human Resources, business, Retention Strategies, Onboarding Process, Recruitment Metrics, Job Boards, Social Media Re

Welcome to The Breakthrough Hiring Show! We are on a mission to help leaders make hiring a competitive advantage. Join our host, James Mackey, and guests as they discuss various topics, with episodes ranging from high-level thought leadership to the tactical implementation of process and technology. You will learn how to:- Shift your team’s culture to a talent-first organization.- Develop a step-by-step guide to hiring and empowering top talent.- Leverage data, process, and technology to achieve hiring success.Thank you to our sponsor, SecureVision, for making this show possible!  

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