Healthcare Plus Podcast

Quint Studer and Dan Collard

We are excited to share that the Busy Leader’s Podcast is getting a new look and feel. Now introducing…. The Healthcare Plus Podcast! Over the past three years, there has been overwhelming support for the Busy Leader’s Podcast – ranking it in the top 10% of podcasts in the U.S.  What began as a tool to learn from leaders as we navigated the pandemic has evolved in recent years to focus in on the changemakers moving healthcare forward. The podcast’s new look and feel is intended to reflect and embrace that evolution. Each week, the Healthcare Plus Podcast will bring together healthcare leaders and changemakers to share industry insights, offer solutions to some of healthcare’s greatest challenges, and provide replenishment and well-being tools. Hosted by Quint Studer and Dan Collard, co-founders of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, listeners will leave each episode with practical tools, techniques, and best-practices to reinforce the great work they’re already doing and address their unique pain points.

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