Machines in Between

John and Libby Modern

MACHINES IN BETWEEN is a variety show of sound, story, and spectacle inviting you to reimagine what you love when you love your machine. Featuring an eclectic and world-renowned cast of over 100 scholars, musicians, filmmakers, and artists, hosts John and Libby Modern guide the listener through a scintillating sonic landscape—an accumulation of bent stories, surprising cultural analysis, historical reflection, lush soundscapes, and beats sampled from obscure religious records. And along the way John and Libby negotiate their own relationship and their own sense of reality as they confront the creeping influence of the world’s leading tech-wellness group, Infinity 88, and its mysterious CEO Kelvin Trinsel. Machines in Between is a wild ride through a fun-house of samples, science-fiction, and searing social critique. The experimental series revolves around the question that has become increasingly difficult to ask—because we are always answering it: what do we love when we love our machines? Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and the Center for Sustained Engagement with Lancaster, Machines in Between is the first audio series to have been given access to Infinity 88’s patented techniques of headphone spirituality. Every sample is an argument. Every beat is a new theory of the universe. We invite you to listen in to this imaginative, genre-bending serial audio drama that considers our present state of technological saturation. Machines in Between is part mixtape, surreal performance, and philosophical experiment.

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