You are a smart, driven woman who is not afraid to work hard or think big for your career and life. You like taking conscious efforts to improve the status quo rather than going with the flow. Your career is a big part of your life canvas, but you find yourself wanting to throw many more colors on it. The good news is that you are not alone.I am Sirisha and welcome to the Women, Career & Life podcast! Join me as I share experiences, interesting stories about career beginnings, breaks and sequels, family, friends, feeling like an outlier, and life themes that are unique to women. I’ll also have friends, everyday rockstars and guests join us along the way. There are infinite possibilities for women to pursue growth both in career and in life. Sometimes the first step to making a change can be daunting because there are so many choices out there. My mission is to help you make one of them a reality today. Come, let's #paintlifetogether!

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