Build Momentum - Thought Leadership for Education

Sarah Williamson and Dr. Katie Lash

Build Momentum explores thought leadership in education through interviews and insights with influencers and education leaders, and we have some exciting news for the listeners of Season 3! Dr. Katie Lash, our good friend and the director of the East Central Education Service Center in Indiana, joins Sarah Williamson, the founder of SWPR Group, a public relations firm dedicated to providing thought leadership for education organizations, as a co-host this season. Together they share their perspectives on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to reaching key district leaders in a meaningful way. Throughout this season, we’re going to dig deep into thought leadership in education, including interviews with superintendents, future plans for the U.S. Department of Education, conversations with district leaders who have leveraged their thought leadership platforms to transform their districts, and how vendors and district leaders have the potential to leverage these partnerships to elevate their profile and awareness in a meaningful way. Watch for episodes every other Thursday on Spotify, iTunes, or whatever platform you listen. We look forward to exploring thought leadership in education on this season of Build Momentum!

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