Future Forward

Teresa Spangler

Join us on the #FutureForward podcast where we dive into uplifting dialogues with some of the world's leading CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. These insightful conversations are centered around nurturing resilience in our unpredictable world. A passionate advocate of "Innovation for Good", our discussions don't just stop there - we also delve into how innovation can create meaningful, positive changes in humanity, the environment, and various cultures.Our esteemed guests open up about their personal journeys, hurdles, and the obstacles they've overcome, all the while sharing actionable strategies that you, as our listener, can put into play immediately. We also sprinkle invaluable nuggets of wisdom related to self-care, the importance of positive breaks, and maintaining mental health.The core purpose of our podcast is to cast a radiant beam of hope during these uncertain times, providing an uplifting alternative to the barrage of less-than-positive news we are often subjected to. So, why not take a break from endless scrolling? Tune in to the FutureForward podcast and let's navigate the future, together!

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