Crossing It Off The Bucket List

Roger Williams

Show Summary: Go on a pilgrimage, write a memoir, live on the road—95% of us would say we have a bucket list, but how many of us have written our list down and are finding joy through intentionally crossing items off it? Each week, join host Roger Williams as he interviews individuals on why they put a specific item on their bucket list, how they crossed it off and how by doing so have joy in their lives. In the show notes we share information on how you can cross that weeks item off your own bucket list. Find inspiration and empowerment to Live Out Your List!Host Bio: Roger Williams is the author of Live Out Your List: Finding Joy Through A Bucket List Lifestyle, a podcaster, an adventurer, and Head Crosser Offer of his bucket list. After more than 30 years working in the youth development and teaching field, a year in quarantine, and two heart attacks, Roger embarked on an adult gap year to prioritize a life in which he is known not by how and to whom he sells labor, but by the way he lives his life and the people he grows relationships with. Now, he is intentionally crossing items off his bucket list and inspiring others to do the same. Get early access content as a Patron Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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