Our journey back to the Oneness requires a multifaceted approach toward personal healing. We must grapple with duality while at the same time learning to visualize what it would be like to live in unity. We must navigate the twists and turns of finding our individuality coupled with the challenges of merging our energies with a group. We must dance with the pain of justice while searching to discover the underlying template of fairness. Such are the myriad of spiritual teachings brought together online in this sparkling collection of clear and concise gems taken from the final fifty or so lectures given by the Pathwork Guide through Eva Pierrakos. In Gems podcasts, you’ll come to see why laziness isn’t just a bad idea, it’s the worst, and you’ll explore what the rascally ego really has up its sleeve. All this and more streams forth from this stupendous trove of practical wisdom in which the Pathwork Guide presents new facets to consider as we wend our way toward personal freedom through personal healing.

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