Beyond Beauty Podcast invites you to join life-changing conversations for women who want to stop their endless pursuit of controlling their bodies and appearance in order to feel worthy, and discover how to value themselves from within. ⁣⁣Along the way, Nik Toth, NLP Mindset Coach, Somatic Educator & Healer, will share her own vulnerable transformation from a weight-loss-obsessed young woman secretly struggling with an eating disorder, through her holistic fitness journey, to discovering her worth from within. ⁣⁣Her engaging guest speakers will guide you to discover your value from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Learn to embody your authentic self-expression, cultivate self-awareness, and connect to yourself in a way you never have before. ⁣⁣New episodes release every second Tuesday. Please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. ⁣⁣Connect with me Nik on IG: @iamniktoth

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