Boardroom in the Basement

Brett Hale

Welcome to Boardroom in the Basement, a podcast hosted by Brett Hale, Taylor Lowe, and Ben Glathar. Join us as we discuss entrepreneurship and leadership topics that prioritize work-life balance, happiness at work, empathetic leaders, and innovative management strategies. We challenge the status quo and hope to inspire our listeners to think critically about their own leadership styles and the ways they can improve their workplaces. Our conversations are honest, conversational, and based on personal experiences. We use case studies from Harvard Business Review and other sources to spark discussions around current events and emerging trends in business. We also welcome listener engagement and feedback to continue the conversation beyond each episode. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges faced by leaders and entrepreneurs, and we don't aim to provide prescriptive solutions. Instead, we provide a forum to define problems and explore creative ways to solve them from the bottom up. Tune in to Boardroom in the Basement to join the conversation and challenge the way you think about leadership and entrepreneurship.

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