Beyond the Lair explores the untamed spirit of Indigenous business innovation by guiding and celebrating Indigenous-owned enterprises at every step of their incredible journey. Building on the success of the renowned TV show "Bears' Lair" on APTN, this podcast spotlights the visionaries and resilient minds behind these ventures. As well, it will feature industry leaders talking about the initiatives and campaigns they have to support Indigenous entrepreneurs and how their companies are making a difference and the teams they have to do so. Each episode is a beacon of guidance and empowerment, amplifying success stories, sharing invaluable insights, and crafting a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs. Unlock the secrets of success and delve into the heart of Indigenous entrepreneurship. "Beyond the Lair" is not just a podcast; it's a movement, a commitment to honoring tradition while fostering a thriving, modern economic landscape. Tune in, be inspired, and be part of this incredible journey towards empowerment and reconciliation.

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