Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy

Regain Your Energy & Reclaim Your Life

Finally! The enjoyable whole food plant based strategies for beginners that make healthy = simple + delicious! This relatable podcast delivers the time saving, realistic way for busy women to find whole food plant-based joy. Whether you're switching to a healthy vegan lifestyle, learning how to go plant based, or you just want to know how to actually enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables, you're in the right place! Learn the lasting way to create an energy filled life you love without ever having to go on another diet. Jarrod and Anita Roussel, health professionals, coaches, and co-founders of PowerOnPlants.com, have made it their mission to help purpose-driven women regain their energy and reclaim their lives one simple step at a time. On this podcast, they share the real life secrets, tips, and strategies for healthy cooking, meal prep, meal planning, easy plant based recipes, dining out, saving time, saving money, and successfully adopting a plant based diet in a way that’s realistic with your busy schedule, so you can discover how to confidently live a healthy life you love every single day. Covering topics such as lasting weight loss, natural health, joint pain, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disease, low energy, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and high cholesterol, each episode is jam-packed with simple takeaways to help you prevent and even reverse disease. So if you’re ready to leave overwhelm, exhaustion, and health concerns behind for good, welcome to The Power On Plants Podcast! Tune in every Monday for new episodes.

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