Lively Faith

The Rev. Nathan Stomberg

Frank conversations about living and defending the Christian faith. Subscribe for monthly episodes. Do you want to better live out your faith in God? Here we discuss tough questions about faithfully living and defending a Christian worldview by leaning on the collective wisdom of the Universal Church throughout the ages. Join the Rev. Nathan Stomberg in conversation with the Rev. Mark Galloway and Subdeacon Cory Dupont as they explore the richness of Church Tradition and apply it to the complications of everyday life. With Scripture and Tradition at our side, we promise these discussions will equip and encourage you in your walk with God. Listen and discover the glory of a life lived with a lively faith! The Rev. Nathan Stomberg is the Rector of Holy Communion Anglican Church in East Greenwich, RI. The Rev. Mark Galloway is a retired Anglican priest. Cory Dupont is a Subdeacon at St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church in Pawtucket, RI.

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