We Like It Raw

Thomas Bergamo

## "You never know who is in need of your story..." *- Thomas bergamo* ----- Intimate, impactful, life changing. This is, We Like It Raw. A podcast for the unhinged. We Like It Raw dissects our raw truth (#Ruth) behind why we love to practice *self-deprecation* which is just one stop away on our personal paths from *realzing* how to solve and process everything in our lives... A podcast spawned from the irrational, unique minds of sibling duo Kate & Thomas Bergamo, built and designed in partner with Nadia Yakan. ----- ### So why do we intentionally miss this exit?? ----- With me as your backseat driver, I'll give it to you **RAW** on the highway of life as we create, experience, and analyze why we always miss the damn exit to acceptance and recovery. Come for the concern but stay for the laughs!!! *We Like It Raw* was created with the intent to share and impress our unique individuality of those discoveries! Our intrinsic desire to offer a perspective through the lens of our experience is essential to building awareness and mindfulness that will bridge cultural and societal divides. ----- "One of my goals would be to hopefully reach anyone who stands to benefit or grow from my pain. Since energy cannot be destroyed, why not take something that hurts and make it beautiful again?" -*Thomas Bergamo* ----- ### Intro Music **Song**- "[Hero](http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFaHqBmHiIE)" **Artist**-[Heather Mae](http://https://www.heathermae.net/home)

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