Graceful Grizzly is a revolution in the way we look at our lives. The grizzly bear stands 8 feet tall, 600 lbs of pure power, strength and tenacity. So many people have the heart of a grizzly. Strong, loyal and sometimes temperamental. But a heart without grace leads to territorial warfare, pain and hurt. The purpose of Graceful Grizzly is to add a little grace to our lives, to laugh together and be better for each other. Join Mauricio and Tyler every week as they discuss unique news stories, share some ridiculous laughs and answer questions from the Grizzly Fam community. This show is built to help you tackle life’s challenges a little more gracefully, and enjoy the good times a little more deeply. We believe to be a graceful grizzly, you must open up your heart and let grace in. Join the Grizzly Fam!

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