I am a perfectionist, get me out of here!

Aylin Webb

I am Aylin Webb, 5 star book Author & Psychologist and  in the past 10 years I have helped thousands of people Overcome Anxiety and Build Unshakable Confidence to Thrive through my 7 step Signature Programme.In these series, I am interviewing the suffering as well as the recovering perfectionists to gain insight to the problems that the rigid perfectionist thinking can cause, and discuss the tools and techniques that would help "Overcome Perfectionism and take control of your life".My Practical Manual book "Transformation Through the Power of Quotes" is based on Psychologically proven principles, and includes Daily Mindset Quotes, Daily 5 minute Planing and Gratitude journals to Transform Challenges into Triumphs. It is available on Amazon Paperback or Kindle https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BH8387V1. Visit www.mindandmood.co.uk, email info@mindandmood.co.uk or call us on (+44) 1277 424 911 to find out more.

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