Wrestling with Your Calling with Dr. Conrad

Dr. Conrad Davies

We all need help with our calling of God.This podcast will help you see your calling as an INVITATION into something bigger than yourself rather than seeing your calling as a DESTINATION of something to be attained.SEASON 1 offers some insights and several amazing interviews of professionals discussing their life's journey (e.g., different types of leaders: a lawyer, a university president, doctors, headmasters, and pastors). SEASON 2 offers a deep dive into the matters of the human heart that affect all of us. Dr. Conrad uses the second season to talk out deep matters of the human heart to help him write a book on the human heart. --------------------------------------------Dr. Conrad Davies is an award-winning university educator, entrepreneur, non-profit executive, commissioned minister, coach, podcaster, community member, friend, brother, dad, and husband. He wants to see you activated, cultivated, and empowered to reach your full potential.If you don't have a copy of his book, order a copy from his website: http://wrestlingwithyourcalling.com If you need some coaching in your calling, reach out at http://wrestlingwithyourcalling.com/coaching 

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