The Literacy View

Faith Borkowsky and Judy Boksner

Teachers are tired and want to be excited about teaching again. Too often, professional development is boring, not substantive, or lacks a practical how-to approach. The Literacy View invites viewers to sit with Faith Borkowsky and Judy Boksner to discuss best literacy practices in easy-to-implement ways. The two women are educators and literacy coaches. Faith and Judy encourage all educators to enter lively discussions about literacy's most pressing issues. Faith's Bio-Faith Borkowsky, the founder of High Five Literacy, LLC, is an internationally respected and sought-after literacy consultant, certified dyslexia practitioner, and award-winning author and speaker. She has over thirty-five years of experience in literacy instruction - as a classroom teacher, reading and learning specialist, regional literacy coach, administrator, and private tutor. Faith counsels and provides professional development for school districts and teachers,and offers parent workshops, presentations, and private consultations on science-based literacy practices. She is the author of the award-winning book, Failing Students or Failing Schools? A Parent’s Guide to Reading Instruction and Intervention, and the “If Only I Would Have Known…” series of books, conceived as a roadmap for literacy-readiness and success for parents of young children. Faith regularly blogs about literacy issues and tirelessly advocates for community-based solutions to promote literacy for all children and social justice. She works with school districts and community-based literacy professionals all over the world, and in 2021, Faith was a finalist for the World Literacy Foundation Award for her significant contributions to literacy.Faith is honored to have a role in the 2022 feature-length documentary, The Truth About Reading.Judy's Bio-Judy Boksner has over 25 years of New York City Education experience as an educator, classroom teacher, coach, and reading specialist. Judy works with teachers and children all throughout areas in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Greenwich Ct. She has extensive training in evidence-based methodologies such as Orton Gillingham, Wilson’s Fundations, and The Hochman Method, also known as The Writing Revolution. Judy's work may be seen and followed on her show The Literacy View YouTube channel andpodcast where Judy and her co-host Faith Borkowsky discuss and interview someof the leading voices in education about shifting to evidence and science alignedpractices to accelerate student outcomes. Judy works with many private clients as a reading specialist and is also teaching mini courses at Manhattanville College.  For Professional Inquiries Please Reach Out To: realteacherstheliteracyview@gmail.comDISCLAIMER: THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS PUBLICATION ARE THOSE OF THE AUTHORS. THEY DO NOT PURPORT TO REFLECT THE OPINIONS OR VIEWS OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS OR THEIR MEMBERS. THE DESIGNATIONS EMPLOYED IN THIS PUBLICATION AND THE PRESENTATION OF MATERIAL THEREIN DO NOT IMPLY THE EXPRESSION OF ANY OPINION WHATSOEVER ON THE PART OF- CONCERNING LEGAL STATUS OF ANY COUNTRY, AREA, OR TERRITORIES, OR OF ITS AUTHORITIES. THE LITERACY VIEW IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE NYCDOE OR LITERACY TEAM.

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