Make Every Day An Adventure Travel Podcast

Marina 'Travel Experta'

Meet Marina, ‘Travel Experta’. Join her in adventures from her backyard to the beaches and places around the world! She brings her down-to-earth, practical experience having traveled to over 39 countries both solo and with her family (including her pets). You’ll hear do’s and don’ts from backpacking to luxury travel adventures. WARNING: Her travel adventures often inspire relocation. As an Expat (expatriate) having relocated to 5 different countries over the last two decades she’ll share how to move to another country covering everything from finding the right place to call home, finding the right school for your children, finding a car and even getting international healthcare. You’ll appreciate her “straight-shooter” New York-raised advice. Travel the world and ‘Make Every Day An Adventure’ either in your backyard, on a staycation or traveling to exotic destinations. Discover how accessible ADVENTURE can be for you NOW. The Make Every Day an Adventure Podcast will inspire you to live your best life TODAY!!! The Make Every Day an Adventure Podcast will cover: * Travel ideas for adventures in YOUR hometown * Travel tips to make your next adventure go smoothly * How to travel worldwide with your family (and pets) * Solo Travel Do’s & Don’ts* Moving to a new country (becoming an Expat)“Awaken to life around you through experiences and adventures that create the true fibers of our lives: One adventure, One memory at a time.” - Marina ‘Travel Experta’ Ready to Make Everyday An Adventure - GET YOUR LIST HERE

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