Jandals in Japan

Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell

The best show about New Zealanders doing business in Japan, bringing The Land of the Long White Cloud to The Land of the Rising Sun How do you build a brand in Japan and nurture a loyal customer base? What do you need to have in your tool belt if you are thinking of coming to Japan to launch a business here? Japan is often considered to be in the "too hard" basket but we are here to open up the black box of doing business in Japan. We will share stories from successful Kiwis selling their products and services here in Japan. They'll tell you their tips for success and pitfalls to avoid. They'll share their challenges and what they did to overcome them. They will tell you things you can't find in textbooks or on the internet. We will also be sharing the latest intel and insights on Japan from our on-the-ground presence And you'll hear some super business culture and other tips from us sprinkled throughout. Grab a glass of sake and let's get into it.

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