Less than 2 percent


A rapist. A survivor. A rape. These are the elements of a rape story. But this is not a rape story. This is a story of broken systems. Less Than 2% of reported rape cases lead to a conviction in the UK. And the system keeps doing everything wrong. This is a story about those who help survivors. And those who don’t. Those who make it all the more worse. For many, what happens after the rape haunts them for a long time. How the police didn’t help, how the university didn’t take them seriously, how the court blamed them, how people reacted poorly, and how some of them even ended up in jail.  In this award-winning podcast series, Hera Hussain, the CEO and Founder of Chayn is joined by journalists, Jeevan Ravindran and Emma Guy. In three episodes, they walk with survivors of sexual violence, who seek justice from the legal system and help from the third sector. These are their voices and their experiences, sometimes narrated in our words and sometimes in their own. And at every turn, we find that the system fails. Less than 2% is the winner of five Lovie Awards: a Gold and People's Choice Award for Public Service and Activism, a Gold and People's Choice Award for Best Co-Hosts, and a Silver Award for Crime and Justice Episode.

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