Wine Blast with Susie and Peter

Susie and Peter, Masters of Wine

Susie and Peter are married Masters of Wine who bring wine to life with a smile via interviews, chat, food, tips, your questions, gentle bickering and a certain amount of over-sharing. (And yes, they probably should get out more...) An award-winning, top-10 US & UK podcast (Chartable - Apple, Food), recommended in The Daily Telegraph, Radio Times, Evening Standard, Decanter, Great British Podcasts and more. Reviews say: 'Laugh-out-loud' (Claire); 'Love these guys (almost as much as wine): educational, invigorating and damn funny too' (JDPWalker); 'Relatable, entertaining, light-hearted' (The Drinks Business); 'Best wine podcast out there' (Mickey); and 'A complete tonic for the heart, mind and soul' (Drinks Network).

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