Do you want to create substantial change in your life and explore relationships in a brand new way? If you struggle to find the language for a relationship you’re navigating, or are seeking more loving relationships with yourself or others, this podcast — and the stories within each episode — is for you. Enter: Healing Codependency with Erika Wright, a six-part deeply personal podcast series that offers intimate insight into six core turning points throughout Erika’s life that made her who she is today. Those six points became Erika’s starting point for creating a relatable, daily non-codependency practice that will guide listeners through the highs and lows of the healing journey. As a self-appointed Codependency Counselor incredibly passionate about up-leveling her life, Erika Wright is an expert at the material life has offered her. After actively working on non-codependency for almost two decades, Erika is called to help others who may be navigating similar challenges by sharing experiences, takeaways, and lessons of her own. On Healing Codependency with Erika Wright, we discuss topics such as healing, addiction & sobriety, family dynamics, mental health, relationships, and self-discovery. Tune in for weekly episodes to hear how codependency impacted Erika’s life, and in turn, inspired and shaped each episode — a vulnerable, yet honest invitation to learn from and alongside Erika’s truth. You got nothing to lose, just more love to gain. Thank you for listening. To keep up-to-date with all things related to Healing Codependency with Erika Wright, please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts. Follow along on social media @erikawrighthcd, and head to Erika’s website at for opportunities to work with her 1:1 and join Healing Codependency Counseling groups. This podcast is sponsored by Supah Star Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars and Godseye Oils. Head to and to learn more. Special thanks to my producer, Media Midwife Ahri Golden. Learn more at

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