Every Hall of Famer has experienced it. Every MVP has gone through it. Every All-Star has endured it. It is a unifying experience amongst all professional athletes. The perennial superstars and the ones that never were. For some, it is a memory they hold dear and remember with great nostalgia. For others, it was a horror show they would love to forget. But for every single professional athlete, it is the one thing they all have in common...ROOKIE YEAR! The rookie year is the great equalizer in professional sports. The NBA lottery pick is still sitting in the worst seat on the plane and bus. The #1 pick in the NFL draft still has to deal with veterans hazing the hell out of them. And the superstar wunderkind in baseball still has to carry a shit-ton of equipment. In this focused, funny, insightful and revealing podcast, the listener gets to take a trip down memory lane to that formative experience of a professional athlete’s rookie season.

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