The Water Trough- We can't make you drink, but we will make you think!

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No-nonsense insight for business folks! Whether you're contemplating starting a business, you're new to business, or you're a pro who is dealing with unresolved challenges, this is the place for you. You'll get actionable ideas, insights, and the motivation to grow your business, as you've always hoped to. Your host, Ed Drozda, The Small Business Doctor brings down-to-earth talk, conversation with thought-leaders, and much more. The key to your success lies in the untapped potential of you and your team. Join us at the Trough as we tap into your opportunity. A special shout-out to Tim Paige. Not only an amazing Human Resources VP at a prestigious New England university but a true Master of Music. That's right, he produced, played, mixed, and recorded our music tracks. Thanks, Tim.

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