Welcome to the Love, Sex & Intimacy podcast for women who want to experience intimate relationships and sex that are pleasurable and passionate, happy, thriving and deeply fulfilling. With my very special guest experts; guiding lights and pioneers in their specialist areas, we’ll be breaking down the myths, exploring the difficult stuff, the good stuff and seeing what’s possible for love, sex and intimacy at this time of rapid change. In these candid and intimate conversations, I’ll be bringing you the best of sex and relationship education, full of practical ways to support and inspire change in your intimate life. I’ll be also be exploring areas that can support love, sex and intimacy to flourish such as health and well being, creativity, embodiment and spirituality. I’m your host, Sarah Rose Bright, an Intimacy and Sex Coach with two decades of study and exploration of love sex and intimacy. I support women and couples across the globe to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and to create and/or deepen intimate relationships that are passionate and purposeful, happy and healthy so that they feel good about who they are. Whether you are curious about what’s possible or you’re already committed to exploring, I’m so happy you are here. Episodes are released on the first and third Monday of the month. The views and opinions expressed by my guests do not necessarily reflect my own views.

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