For 26 years, I called basketball games inside of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. No one had heard me outside of a prison yard until the Golden State Warriors came inside of San Quentin State Prison and then Coach Jackson said “I know some guys at ESPN that would be worried about their job if they heard you.”No one knew who I was until Marcus Thompson of wrote about me on his visit to the prison in 2017.And no one saw me until the movie “Q Ball” was shown during the shutdown due to coronavirus. Now, I'm home, and after working in the Venice Basketball and several other leagues in and around Southern California, its time for me to not only provide play by play for sports, but to also introduce the athletes that play sports to an audience eager to learn about how others triumph over tragedy.My story isn’t the only one that’s unique. Sit for a little bit and listen to others who’ve also overcome great odds to succeed.

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