The Mental Health & Wellness Show

Dr Tomi Mitchell

Welcome to The Mental Health & Wellness Show! The host, Dr. Tomi Mitchell, an MD turned Mental Health Coach, with a little sass! Every week, she brings her best and tells inspiring stories from the lives of guests who have been hand-selected by herself for their courage in sharing authentic experiences with our listeners. With over a decade as an MD under her belt, it is no wonder why we think that Dr. Tomi has compassion wrapped around all those credentials which make us feel so comfortable when tuning into this inspirational podcast every week. Leveraging over ten years of experience both on the medical side but also coaching people through tough times - we will bring you powerful messages while providing practical advice for your journey so that you too can enjoy life despite challenges, that we will all face at some point. Mental health is a taboo topic for some, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. We have all felt the stress and anxiety that comes with everyday life at one point or another- so let me introduce you to your best friend when it feels like too much: mental wellness! Let us talk about burnout, overwhelm, depression - they are common yet entirely treatable conditions if we start speaking more openly about them and take care of ourselves on an ongoing basis! The tools we will be going over today are invaluable lessons in living a happier life; please remember these as you continue towards better mental wellbeing every day. If any specific points have resonated especially well with how YOU feel personally right now do not hesitate to reach out, as we offer virtual coaching. Thank you for making this show part of your weekly routine!

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