Sports Therapy Association Podcast

Sports Therapy Association

The Sports Therapy Association Podcast is recorded LIVE every Tuesday at 8pm (UK) on the Sports Therapy Association YouTube channel and then uploaded as a podcast. You do not have to be an STA member to attend the live recordings - it is a chance to network with fellow therapists and discuss topics that together help us all move forward as an industry. The goal of the podcast is to help bring Soft Tissue Therapists of all levels (including massage therapists, sports therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, etc.) up to date information on how to be a modern, successful, effective health care practitioner, with a gold star reputation for being able to help people in pain and/or looking for performance gains. The Sports Therapy Association (STA) is a professional representation for Sports Therapists, Sports Injury Therapists and Soft Tissue Therapists. We have worked passionately to develop a truly independent and ethical association that is committed to raising standards across the industry and progressing opportunities for our valued members. We are proud of what the Sports Therapy Association represents and we will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our members and to fulfil our commitment to promote excellence in the field of Sports Therapy. Whether you join us live or listen to the podcast, we thank you for your support and as always invite you to share feedback. Email:

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