The Knackered Golfist Podcast

The Knackered Golfist

I have been addicted to golf since I was 8 years old. That's 40 years to you and me. I remember when good golf equipment was really hard to find. Now it is everywhere. There are many people who don't know that there are many fine pieces of golf equipment in second hand stores that are still relevant to today's municipal golf course experience. I speak about how golf is overpriced and doesn't have to be. I showcase and encourage how the beginner golfer can get a real bang for the buck by buying used golf equipment at their local second hand sports equipment store. Imagine sinking a putt with a 5 dollar putter for a birdie when the guy that spent 300 dollars just made a bogey. Check out my blog called The Knackered Golfist. I am also on YouTube under The Knackered Golfist. Thank you for listening.

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