You Betcha She Did! Business Tips for Women Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Coaches and Rad Women

Ladies First Digital Media Company

Did SHE really do that? You Betcha She Did!Welcome to the podcast where we teach you to elevate your voice, grow your brand, and earn your worth. If you are a women entrepreneur, online business owner, coach, thought leader, or changemaker, you are in the right place!Get ready to embrace Midwest charm and CELEBRATE women who are forging their own paths. Hosted by Rayna Rokicki, a podcast coach for women entrepreneurs. As a former world traveler and international teacher turned Podcast and YouTube Producer, Rayna knows exactly what it is like to find your way in the world, especially as a woman. Tune in each Tuesday for business tips and feminist inspiration to help you achieve your goals.This show will answer questions such as:How do I amplify my voice as a woman?How can women be more assertive in the workplace?What are the best social media strategies for brand growth?How to increase brand awareness online?How to identify and pursue a career that aligns with my passions?How do I pivot in my current career?Tips for changing careers later in life?How do I grow my online business?Strategies for acquiring new clients for my business?How to network effectively to attract more clients?Examples of successful career pivots and their strategies?Strategies for negotiating a higher salary?If you want to make your mark in the world with some fellow rad women cheering you on- you’re in the right place!Connect with Rayna Rokicki on Instagram: @youbetchashedid and YouTube @youbetchashedidYou Betcha She Did is produced by The Ladies First Digital Media Company

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