Hello, gorgeous! Jessica Harlow is best known for a being a content creator in the beauty & self-help space. When you tune into The Jessica Harlow Podcast every Thursday, you can expect to get inspiration and information to help you create a life you love on your own terms. Often described as "real," "sassy," and "authentic," Jessica's advice combines the spiritual with the practical, often delivered with a refreshing straightforwardness that can only come from a New Yorker. Since she began as a “beauty guru” on YouTube in the 2010s, Jessica’s content has evolved from just make-up tutorials into the space of an outspoken thought leader, delivering advice on everything from beauty and style to spirituality and current events with her uniquely brazen sense of humor sprinkled in. For more of Jessica’s content, follow her on instagram @jessicaharlow, http://www.YouTube.com/MissJessicaHarlow. You can also order her book, Manifest Destiny: Secrets NOT in The Secret by going to http://www.jessicaharlow.com/shop.

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