Talent Management Truths

Lisa Mitchell

Talent Management Truths is the podcast for HR and Talent Leaders looking for inspiration AND real-life examples of lessons learned and successes realized. Your host is Lisa Mitchell, Founder and President of Green Apple Consulting and former Talent Management leader in corporate Canada for over 25 years. Lisa is on a mission to give Talent leaders in Learning, Talent, HR, Employee Experience and Organizational Development the support they deserve so that they in turn expand their positive impact on the collective working lives of millions of people. Tune in to hear Talent leaders from various companies and industries share their stories, tools and thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom to help you in your work facilitating the growth and potential of others. TESTIMONIAL:  "Coming across the 'Talent Management Truth podcast' with Lisa Mitchell has been an amazing experience, especially after having the privilege of being interviewed by Lisa herself. Her insightful conversations with experts in the HR space, provide a refreshing and authentic take on the complexities of talent management. From leadership development to navigating flexible workforce , the podcast offers invaluable insights that resonate with the challenges professionals face. Lisa creates a great space for genuine conversations, making Talent Management Truth a must-listen for anyone navigating the intricacies of talent management. Grateful for the wisdom, resources and support available through this platform."  - Sarem Yesus

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