The School of Moxie Podcast

Mary Williams @sensiblewoo

Brought to you by Sensible Woo... The business analogies you love are now in podcast form!  We take popular television series and movies and use them as the lens through which we talk about building better businesses.Listen, entrepreneurship should feel fun and exciting, but when you're stuck in a rut then you know it's time to bring in a fun strategy.  Analogous problem solving through entertainment sounds like just the ticket.This podcast is organized into seasons based on the show title or theme.  Trying something that might be outside your normal comfort zone of television programming (or any media consumption, for that matter) is a healthy thing… Especially when it’s guided with a group that’s doing the same activity.  Whether or not you feel like you’ve been struggling to connect with other people, being connected to the zeitgeist in some way is a critical component to feeling like you belong in this world.  And you do.Something that’s really important about this podcast is that I want to change the way we talk about business through this medium.  You will never hear about a freebie or a launch from one of my guests on this show.  The goal here is for them to model for you, and to practice for themselves, how to be 100% human have a truly authentic conversation.  My guests’ information will always be in the show notes and you will have total freedom of choice to go check them out, sign up email lists, follow them on social media, or whatever it is they provide as ways to connect with you.  You’re officially in the drivers seat… I can’t wait to go on this ride with you!

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