Truth & Transcendence

Being Space with Catherine Llewellyn

Truth & Transcendence is brought to you by Being Space with Catherine Llewellyn. Truth & Transcendence emerged in mid-2021.  At the time, fear, despair and helplessness were rife.  The goal of the podcast was to assist leaders to provide the strong and wise leadership the world needed in those disastrous times. Since then, we’ve moved on.  A new wave of self-identifying leaders has emerged.  Political, corporate, spiritual and community leaders ~ and those who simply choose to stand as leaders in their own lives. The need for survival is giving way to a fresh enthusiasm for creating, and new strengths have been discovered. In turn ~ Truth & Transcendence has evolved, and now explores Truth & Transcendence in the widest possible context, with an exciting and revelatory variety of guests and solo episodes.

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