What is more wonderful and enduring than a kiss? A mother’s warm and gentle kiss, a lover’s tantalizing exchange of emotions, a child’s wet mushy plop of love towards a parent… They are all wonderful expressions of how great we feel. That’s where the idea of “Kish Mir In Yiddish” came about. To create an atmosphere of appreciating the Yiddish language, through stories and poetry about the endless facets of life. Ah Kish, as a kiss is known, stirs many feelings. To get a kiss following a funny story, or perhaps a kiss of tenderness following a memory of romance, or sadness. Perhaps a kiss following a long awaited reunion with a loved one. Kish Mir in Yiddish, an original way to create an emotional bond with the culture and love of the Yiddish language. Follow along with the happenings of Kish Mir in Yiddish at: https://www.facebook.com/KishMirinYiddishhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/406164584451364

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