This is a love letter to curiosity. Hosted by Jerome Goodrich and Thomas Countz, software consultants at 8th Light, Collaborative Craft explores the stories of fellow developers, designers, and leaders of the tech industry. Being software consultants means having the immense privilege of experiencing how different organizations—big, small, young, and old—navigate their technological challenges and transformations. Throughout this series, Jerome and Thomas will follow their curiosity and dive into these experiences to find out how companies really get things done. Because it’s one thing to read about how to double the size of your engineering team, migrate all on-prem systems to the cloud, or re-write your monolith as a cluster of microservices, and quite another thing to lead and navigate the work required to make it happen. Even though every team is different, there’s a lot to learn from the people who were there to see it all through. Learn more about 8th Light at

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