Season 1 RADICAL SELF LOVE - AN AYURVEDIC VIEW ON BODY, MIND AND HEALTH. Embodied Vedic Philosophy offers a practical guide to understanding our Self and the world around us. It opens up channels of connection and belonging by giving us new paradigms through which we can see the world in a much more positiv light. We just have to understand it right - not through a dry, academic view but through the eyes of the feminine, in archetypes, images and stories. Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish can help us with that, if we understand these teachings in a deep, personal, embodied way. In this first season I would like to inspire you to take responsibility of your own health & happiness through the teachings of Ayurveda. These teachings show you a different perspective on life and empower you to recognise your own perfection and begin a true love-relationship with yourself. The Little School of Happiness offers you an online learning platform you can use to keep yourself inspired and informed about the things that really matter in life. You can find practical courses about Yoga, Ayurveda and Embodied Philosophy here: You can also book personal, one on one coaching and Vedic counselling sessions with me, or enrol in the full “Dare to Shine” Mentorship program. For more information please go to

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