Cann Strategy: Cannabis Business Master Class

Cann Strategy

Cann Strategy: Cannabis Business Master Class is your all-access pass to the booming world of cannabis business operations. With every short and sweet episode, you'll receive a high level view of insider insights into regulations, licensing, and best practices shaping the industry. Whether you're an established player seeking the next big move, or a green-thumb entrepreneur stepping into this budding market, our bite-sized briefings deliver crucial industry knowledge, straight from the experts.Tap into the wisdom of the cannabis trade, as we dissect complex regulations, demystify licensing processes, and share proven strategies to cultivate success in this rapidly growing market. Each episode serves as your trusty roadmap, guiding you through the ever-changing legal landscape and operational challenges of the cannabis business.'Cann Strategy: Cannabis Business Master Class’ is curated by the seasoned professionals at Cann Strategy, a leading cannabis business strategy firm with over eight years of hands-on experience in cannabis business licensing, start-ups, and operations across the United States. With a rich blend of expertise and experience, Cann Strategy is committed to shining a light on the path towards cannabis business success. Tune in and turn up your cannabis business acumen with Cann Strategy. Your cannabis industry insider is just a play button away.

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