Hello Cancer Friends

Cathy Hannes

My name is Cathy Hannes and I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019. I've been so lucky to have an amazing support network of family and friends. I think anyone touched by cancer should have this opportunity. Not just those of us currently fighting but those that have fought! People that are caregivers to a family member or friend. Everyone! This podcast is for all of us to laugh, cry, share and thrive! Share your story if you like. Just listen if you like. I may read your story on the podcast or perhaps you would like to tell it yourself by a zoom chat with me. You are not alone! I'll share my story too. It's a doozy filled with fears, tears, love, laughter, hope and quite honestly, real life miracles. Cancer is an evil beast but it has also changed my life for the better. It sounds crazy but it is true. So grab some lemonade and let's talk about how we can try to feel our best while possibly feeling our worst. Share your story at www.hellocancerfriends.com

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