Enduring The Badge

Jerry D. Lund

The truth behind First Responders enduring trials on and off duty. Their personal accounts of how witnessing so much tragedy has taken a toll on their lives. Hear from their families about how it's impacted them. Learn how each of them have overcame these difficult times and personal insight. You will discover ways to thrive on and off duty. Acquire knowledge on how navigate the difficult transition from work to home. The show is hosted by Jerry Dean Lund with over 30 years of service behind the badge. He will be drawing upon his own personal experience of surviving those dark thoughts of suicide and on duty overcoming injuries. He is dedicated to empowering his fellow man to take action on their own mental and physical health. He is a Fire Captain/Paramedic currently working at the local fire department since 1990 and SWAT medic with the police department in Utah since 2009. Becoming a firefighter or police officer is not an easy process, and enduring each day the misfortunes, deaths, and accidents; changes a person forever. But it is the job of first-responders every day, aptly put in the following words: "Where your worst nightmare is just another day at work." Despite all the misfortunes, some humans with special hearts still choose this job, saving lives choosing others over their lives. People like Jerry restores the faith in humanity for how they risk their lives each day. His foremost experience as a first-responder takes us way back to 1990, where he was a volunteer EMT. He achieved his education to become a paramedic, and he was determined to help the people of his city. He has dedicated a significant part of his life to saving people, witnessing how people tend to act when they see death right in front of them, experiencing humans' vulnerability at worst. He is happily married for years now, with the love of his life and the father of six kids and two grandchildren. He enjoys his time outdoors with his family and plays sports. He travels whenever he can to experience the cultures of the world. Seeing them going about their day in their fashion is an amazing experience. In his free time, he watches documentaries about all religions of the world, understanding the essence of life and ideology behind this universe. Seeing other religions, how they perceive religion, how it influences their daily lives, and how it embodies them as humans is intriguing; it brings him closer to understanding the Higher power. His various experiences, starting from his first-ever experience as a volunteer EMT with city ambulance. Since then, he has been associated with the same industry but with different departments, upgrading his skills and doing courses to do better. More about Enduring the Badge Podcast. Working as a firefighter and paramedic, he experienced a lot, and sometimes it was a tad bit difficult to bounce back to the normalcy of life. He witnessed the firefighter/paramedics tend to be the type A, always tough ones. With this attitude, they all tend to become less expressive and bottling up all the emotions that need to be shared. Many first responders end up suffering from PTSD, and some even make the mistake of keeping the brave front and not asking for help. In the podcast, Jerry reaches all the responders and their families to come together as a community. He brings people from all walks of life, health care professionals, first responders, and psychologists who help cope with the process. While they talk about things of grave importance, they also talk about all things in life, like work, the wonders of life, and things that matter to each one of them. As a community, many individuals are unsure to ask for help and don't know how to cope. After listening to accounts of those who helped themselves or asking for help and how they come out of it, they may encourage some individuals. PTSD could be a small or even a huge problem; while it affects the individual, it also affects their families.

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