Enduring The Badge

Jerry D. Lund

Welcome to Enduring The Badge, the podcast that uncovers the untold stories of law enforcement officers, firefighters, military members, dispatchers, and emergency medical workers. These courageous individuals and their families have lived in the shadows for too long, but that ends now. Explore these heroes' accounts as they witness unimaginable tragedy and reveal how it has shaped their lives.Our podcast is hosted by Jerry Dean Lund, a veteran with over three decades of experience, and offers a unique perspective. Jerry, a recently retired Fire Captain and Law Enforcement certified SWAT Medic/Operator, knows firsthand the toll these roles can take on an individual. Discover how he triumphed over dark thoughts of suicide after sustaining an on-duty injury. But this podcast is not just about Jerry; it's about all the First Responders who have endured so much to keep us safe.Enduring The Badge Podcast is your guide to navigating the challenging transition from work to home, finding balance on and off duty, and overcoming personal obstacles. Our content is designed to engage and entertain while providing valuable insights into the lives of First Responders.Whether you are a First Responder or a supporter, join us on this incredible journey to honor those who risk their lives daily. Gain inspiration, knowledge, and a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by these brave individuals. Let us share their extraordinary stories with the world.

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