The Stonecrest Podcast

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We changed our name from Stonecrest Weekly. STONECREST, Georgia Residents STAND UP!!! The Stonecrest Podcast is our community’s podcast. We will scour Google on your behalf to find hot topics about the city. But…We are also opening the mic to all of our listeners. Yep you!!! CHECK THIS OUT!!! Every Monday we will cover:* The Weather* Real Estate * Crime Trends* Yard Sales (if you guys tell us about it)* Community Events* And More!! What’s the more?????You get to SOUND OFF 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊!!!We have a call in line for you to celebrate your wins, give a heads up about an event, air a grievance or almost anything you want as long as it happened here in Stonecrest!!! .We also have a surprise entertainment segment!!! Listen until the end of every episode to hear weekly audio drama episodes.Support the Show

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