The Podcast Enterprise

Lincoln Lodge

Space. The final, annoying, frontier. Sohrab and Tyler are crew members of the Starship Enterprise, and they hate their jobs. So, instead of working they spend all day podcasting with hopes of getting galactically famous. Listen to them complain about the high command, talk about the weird adventures they suffer through, and entertain a few surprise guests who pop in to help make sense of this crazy galaxy. Live long and prosper? Doubt it. Sohrab Forouzesh is comedian and writer from Chicago. He was a finalist in Stand Up NBC and was also a writer for the show Group Therapy. You can catch him performing at clubs and colleges all over the U.S. Finally, a Middle Eastern comedian even your racist uncle will love! Tyler Horvath is a stand up comedian, writer, and actor based in Chicago. He has performed at comedy clubs all over the country. He has opened for Tim Dillon, Paul Virzi, and Gilbert Gottfried, among others. He finds it hard to write this in a way that doesn't seem like he wrote it. Go see him. His comedy will solve all of your problems.

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