US immigration laws are one of the biggest challenges for startups establishing in the US market. The Startup Visa®  podcast is all about US immigration issues for startup founders and international entrepreneurs. US-based startups/employers struggle to hire talented minds who often need work visas. International entrepreneurs and founders need to navigate the US immigration maze to understand how to enter the US market legally. Tahmina Watson, author of the bestselling book series "The Startup Visa" and a Business Insider listed as one of the top immigration lawyers for startups, has been working in this field since 2006. She has been a staunch advocate for a startup visa in the US and worked closely with the Obama administration on the International Entrepreneur Parole program. She recently led the effort to create a state-funded immigrant entrepreneur program in Washington State.  Get her latest bestselling visa guidebook for startups and founders on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere you get books. The Startup Visa: U.S. Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders: Watson, Tahmina, Doughty, Caroline, Buhain, Venice, Vos, Troy: 9781735758572: BooksFollow her on LinkedIn to see all her work on startup visa issues and immigration in general. If you have questions, you can send questions from her website at

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